Tharpa Choeling, Wellington Buddhist Centre in North Western New South Wales is situated in a small township between Dubbo and Orange.
The centre was designed to be a place where any person no matter their religion or philosophy could visit.
Many donations have been made towards the bulding and maintanance of the centre by local organisations and cultural groups.
We attempt to be open and available to all comers!
Welcome to Tharpa Choeling Australia,
Wellington Buddhist Centre.
© Wellington Buddhist Centre 2017

As a method to dispell the "mysticism" of the concept of Enlightenment, this free book by Venerable Thubten Tenzin uses a technique of identifying "action words' to make enlightenment something we can all achieve.

Human Values is intended to help those who are interested in development of our shared human qualities, not as a guide to any particular spirituality
From a commentary on the 59 slogans of mind training By Pema Chodron originally taught by the Kadampa Masters

27. Work With the Greatest Defilements First

28. Abandon Any Hope of Fruition

29. Abandon Poisonous Food

30. Don't Be So Predictable
“I don’t know whether the universe, with its countless galaxies, stars and planets, has a deeper meaning or not, but at the very least, it is clear that we humans who live on this earth face the task of making a happy life for ourselves. Therefore, it is important to discover what will bring about the greatest degree of happiness.”

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
A fresh take on the Buddhist view of "mind"
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