Tharpa Choeling Abbey officially began in 2005. Over several years a small group of monastic sangha had gathered together to take teachings with Venerable Thubten Tenzin and She felt they needed a place to study, reflect, and practice the life of Bodhisattvas.

Tharpa Choeling Abbey was so named by the Very Venerable Geshe Thubten Dawa, and the sangha have been together for Fifteen years, studying, practicing and working on various projects under the direction of our Abbess and kind teacher Venerable Tenzin. We refer to Venerable Tenzin as Gen-la (kind teacher in Tibetan), as instructed by Geshe Sonam Thargye from Drolkar House in Geelong.

Gen-la Venerable Tenzin is the author of four self-published books:
Eastern Medicine for Healing Western Minds (out of print)
Buddhism: Ancient Medicine for Healing Modern Minds (out of print)
Human Values (currently available)
Suggestions for Evolution (currently available)
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"If your path teaches you to act and exert yourself correctly and leads to spiritual realisations, such as love, compassion and wisdom, then obviously it's worthwhile".

Lama Thubten Yeshe
We as practitioners of the teachings of the Buddha have been extremely fortunate, we have not had the obstacles of cultural dogmatism of practice. We've had freedom to follow and understand the words spoken by the Buddha, and the subsequent commentaries by studying them in our own language.

We have been fortunate to be ordained by a perfectly qualified teacher. We have been and still are able to access all the path to omniscience by studying and knowing all paths to realise our full potential.

We have attempted to transcend the connotations of sexism, racisim and patriotism and have attempted to go beyond biases and contempt. If we don't, who will! We have been fortunate to remain together as like-minded people. We have been fortunate to meet kind people from all walks of life, different cultures and spiritual experiences. We have been fortunate to see all things and interactions as necessary to practice wisdom and cultivate compassion.

Venerable Gen-la Thubten Tenzin
Our Aim: Diversity and inclusion.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said that Buddhism is not only a religion, but can be studied as a science or psychology by people from other faiths, particularly the aspects of meditation, dependent arising and mental wellbeing.

A Vietnamese-Australian Buddhist Monk - the Abbot of Quang Minh Temple in Melbourne - gifted us with a Quan Yin statue after our Abbess explained her wish to be inclusive across all traditions.

An Australian-Sri Lankan doctor, as a culturally Buddhist practitioner, is pleased to see his children understand Buddhism from a Western Buddhist perspective. He said that they understand Buddhism not just as a cultural or traditional belief. Our Sri Lankan brothers and sisters have been very supportive of Tharpa Choeling Wellington Buddhist Centre and its Western monastics.