Tharpa Choeling, Wellington Buddhist centre was founded by Gelupa lineage western sangha, following the teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. We take seriously the 43 ordination vows as given by our ordination master, Geshe Thubten Dawa plus the main Boshisattva vow which incorporates 18 root vows and 46 subsidiary vows. We are not a cultural centre and as such our main focus is study of the Buddhas teachings; the three turnings of the dharma wheel, which we are always happy to share with others. We give service to the community such as workshops in meditation, stress free living, forgiveness and many more, also dharma gifting, yoga, tai chi, prison visiting etc. by ordained western practitioners. This is a totally not for profit organisation run by the dedicated sangha and with donations from other members. Our teacher Genla Venerable Thubten Tenzin was instructed to create a centre for the study of the mind from a western perspective. Please visit us or ring the centre on 68 45 4661.  We look forward to seeing you!
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A New
Free Book by
Venerable Thubten Tenzin

An Excerpt

"Developing empathy helps us to understand that we are all in this together, and that we all become dissatisfied or unhappy with certain parts of our lives, or our situations in general. Empathy and compassion will develop into the ability to transform unhappiness to happiness, this is a necessary component for all of us living through our many experiences especially in this modern age."
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What people have been saying about Human Values

In ‘Human Values’ Venerable Thubten Tenzin compassionately explores our most painful emotions and teaches us to face them in a way that is trans-formative and healing. We begin to understand our extraordinary potential as well as the extraordinary potential of all those around us.
Next time your heart is breaking or life just seems too hard, please reach for this book instead of something to numb out the discomfort and pain, let your wisdom become your refuge and you will hold the key to happiness".

Ven. Thubten Tashi
Human Values was compiled from a series of workshops given in Western NSW and is intended to help those who are interested in development of our shared human qualities, not as a guide to any particular spirituality. As Buddhist practitioners, we firmly believe that to evolve the very best qualities and attributes, we begin in the here and now, using what we have to benefit as many beings as we can, because they are the cause and we are dependent on them for our highest happiness.
Current Practice

The Three Principal Aspects of the Path

By Lama Tsongkhapa
Verse Three

Those with bodies are bound by the craving for existence.
Without pure renunciation, there is no way to still
the attraction to the pleasures of samsara:
thus from the outset, seek renunciation
Verse Four

Leisure and opportunity are difficult to find.
There is no time to waste:
reverse attraction to this life,
reverse attraction to future lives:
think repeatedly of the infallible effects of karma and the misery of this world.
"A lot of our experience of hardship is connected is how we carry the burden of the hardship mentally. Actually most of the suffering we experience in relation to a hardship is connected to the choices we make in terms of the aspect of the difficulty on which we choose to focus. I think that shifting our focus can help to reduce the sense of burden connected to our difficulties."

His Holiness 17th Karmapa